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Peco fine scale track is used for all the scenery and transition boards. Fiddle yard boards have been laid with code 100 track. 



Control of the points was a key change that we have made for this layout. Tortoise point motors have replaced the SEEP Point motors for 2 reasons. One is that these have an extra switch which we are to use to control signals and we wanted a more reliable switch action. This comes at a significant cost as Tortoise motors are around 5 times more expensive than SEEP.  


Point motors are controlled using two switch boxes powered by 12v power packs and switched using DPDT (double pole double throw) switches.

DCC control for the whole layout is using a Lenz system via two districts. The master (LZV100) is controlling the front and transition boards and a slave (LV102) controlling the fiddle yard. This enables us to make mistakes at the back without disrupting the visible part to the public, or at least that’s the theory.