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All of the buildings have some form of lighting. These are made from LEDs powered by a 12dc voltage regulator board on each board.  AC power is provide from a central box containing two high power transformers to all the scenic boards.

In the engine shed there are lights in the maintenance pit and the main lights are connected to two brass rods running down the centre of each road.  The wires are hidden down the corners of the shed, something we learned from our last layout.

Along the front of the first two base boards is a road which has handmade street lights with working LEDs. These are based on the type that was around in the 70’s/80’s. 

In the terraced houses LEDs have been added. These are controlled by timer boards to switch the lights between the rooms in the house to give the impression of people moving around.

Inside the wagon shed is an arc welder together with lights added to the inspection pit and to roof.

There are two signals on each loop controlled by DCC accessory boards from Traintronics