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It seems sometimes that fate (or ‘what goes around comes around’) has a part to play in everything we do, even with model railways. Around 4 years ago we decide that our next layout would be a roundy-roundy instead of an up and downy.  But before we could decide on what to base it on the club we use to be members of unfortunately had to close down and a layout became available.  It was one that we had been closely involved in during its development.  It was an opportunity not to be missed.  

Grathwaite Junction is a DCC 00 Gauge layout based on an L&Y typical scene from the 1970s/80s. Whilst not based on any location in particular it draws on our recollection of areas we have visited during our younger blue diesel train spotting days.

This is our second exhibition layout and uses the experience gained from building Thistlemere. Some of the features from that first layout e.g. back scenes have been used on this and some e.g. point motors haven’t, more of this later. The aim of the layout was to learn from our previous layouts and to improve the look overall.