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The layout was originally designed to be two separate layouts which could be taken to exhibitions and operated by 1 or 2 people by the small club that we use to be members of. Unfortunately the club folded and we bought the layout which we helped to construct way back in 2006 and have turned it in to one layout of 20ft x 8ft. Also due to that fact that all our stock is DCC the layout had to be converted to DCC as it had been previously been wired for DC. This entailed cutting the track after the points and creating sections to allow realistic operation of the locomotives.

What the public now see is made up of 4 boards 5ft x 2ft which is joined to the front of the layout by two new bridging boards which have been doubled in length to improve the size of the operating area. At the rear of the layout is a fiddle yard that consists of 6 tracks for each loop.