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The baseboard sections are constructed with 9mm exterior grade plywood fascias and back-scenes.  The scenic boards have a base of 6mm plywood topped with 9mm sundeala giving strength whilst not being too heavy. The boards are pinned and glued together, with strip wood reinforcing pieces along the joints.

There are supporting cross-pieces of ply under the base-board, plus one or two strips of 2x1in. softwood to take the hinges for the legs.  The edges of the backscene and fascia are reinforced with strip-wood for strength during transport. 


Scenic boards locate together using pattern makers dowels and fixed using either one or two bolts. For transportation spacer pieces are used to ensure that the scenery doesn’t get damaged.

Bridging boards are made from MDF with the sides from 12mm thick pieces and the track bed from 9mm.  These have been extended to give more operating space and to improve the curves off the scenic boards.