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The Barn, Electric Sub Station and Derelict Signal Box are out of the box with additional items added to improve the look. In the barn there are bales of hay, along with a Langley’s plough which has also been glued down inside. The signal box has had corrugated sheeting added prior to it being demolished once all signalling has been rationalised.  The Oil dept is made from the Ratio kit with a hut added. Next to the derelict signal box is a Portakabin which has had some minor details from Unit models fitted to enhance its appearance.


The Engine shed is made from two Wills kits with the addition of an inner lining of brick sheets to improve the overall look. Every other apex has been modified to add a sky light so that the light into the building is improved and to allow the operator to see what is in the shed to avoid a crash!  Beside the entrance to the shed is the crew building made from the Peco kit with figures added, again its appearance has been improved by adding air conditioning units from Unit models. In front of the crew building is the fuelling point which is made from a Knightwing kit.

Along the front of this board and the next is a road which has arches facing onto it. Some of the arches are occupied and on this board contain a work shop making metal and wood products.

Supply to the fuelling point is from the Fuel Tanks which are made from the Knightwing tank kit. The tank bund is made from Wills London brick with a suitable round capping added to act as capture of any spilt oil, inside the bund is covered with small grain gravel ballast.

In between the fuelling point and the fuel tanks is a security hut to control access to both the fuel point and the loco shed

Occupied arches consist of an electrical and carpet shop. Carpets and rugs are made from bit of material and in the case of the carpets wrapped around formers. After these is a road leading to the back of the layout. This gives access to the brewery and the town at the back.

Brewery is made from the Bachmann Scenecraft range with some changes. The hopper building was too large to fit in the space we had, so we used the cement hopper instead.  Next to this is a warehouse build from a Walthers kit and adapted to suit a British scene. Each of the visible floors contains sacks and barrels.

Next to the warehouse are the offices for the brewery which is made from  two Bachmann Scenecraft office blocks glued together with plasticard across the join. Inside is rooms depicting different scenes ranging from the board room to the computer room. Each is made up from people and desks with a picture in the background to give the feeling of depth.

On the front of the layout at this point is a car sale yard and workshops. Arthur Daley eat your heart out!

At the side of the car sale yard is a Pub from the Hornby Skaledale range. Behind this are occupied arches from Wills. On the other side of the canal there is a tunnel for people/horses to walk through after this the retaining walls are made from the Hornby Skaledale. Whilst these walls were good it proved difficult to blend together due to the curved nature of the track bed.

Canal lock is made from the Langley Models lock gates. Alongside the lock is the Lock Keeper Cottage consisting of a cottage building, shed and garden.

Controlling the train movements is the signal box which is from Scenecraft fitted with an interior kit from Wills.

Railway Terrace Street is made from the Hornby half relief Terraced Houses with added curtains, people and pictures to give the impression of depth.  In front of the houses is a street followed by a brick wall before the railway tracks.

To the side of the right hand tunnel is the Wagon Repair Shed. This is a custom build from plasticard and use a Peco maintenance pit for the track inside. Windows at the front allow you to see the activity inside, which consists of work benches and welding unit.