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Modern Image OO Layout by Graeme Marriott and Colin Postlethwaite

After many years of starting layouts both at home and as part of a Model Railway Club, I decided it was time to build a layout which was portable
and one which could be shown at exhibitions.

To do this would require some assistance to be able to complete this venture.  I approached a long standing friend, Colin with an initial outline of what became Thistlemere. Both of us had previous experience of helping to build a number of exhibition layouts. However this was in the main board construction and electrics.  As a result the aim of producing Thistlemere was to cover as many of the disciplines of the modelling hobby as possible, whilst producing an entertaining layout.

Thistlemere is not based on anywhere in particular, but was devised to give us the experience of the design and scenic elements.  However there was one constraint it had to be suitable for the rolling stock we both had.  This meant a 70s/80s period layout with blue grey through to triple grey.  Apart from that anything was fair game and as can be seen that is what happened.