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The high street consists of numerous scenes to give the public plenty to look at from the British Telecom man working in a junction box and parking illegally, to the postman getting chased by the dog down the street whilst a drunk and nosy neighbour look on.

Under the arches by the garage some dodgy dealings are being undertaken. The police have arrived and are having an altercation with some dubious looking characters.

In the main yard the scrapping of a rail wagon is taking place with two lads working non stop to get the job done!!

In the station entrance someone is being given a ticket by a keen traffic warden whilst someone else is having trouble with their dog as it just sits down in the road refusing to walk any further!

On the platforms a group of hikers, businessmen and families wait for their train.

A busy working area is outside the main yard whereby a water leak needs some repair; some lads with a small excavator are trying to find the source of the leak.

Around the Good’s depot numerous forklifts can be seen either in the goods shed or loading up rail wagons in the main yard.

In the engine shed many locomotives are arriving for various examinations, once completed the locomotives are moved for fuelling and then await their next turn of duty. In the fitting workshop some welding is being undertaken on a cracked bogie – it’s a big job and can take all the weekend of an exhibition normally!!