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Back scenery was a problem area that took some time to address which we felt was important as the feel of a layout this small would be affected by it.  Various options were looked at before finally settling on the Model Scenes Sky paper, buildings sheets and some Peco papers.  Application of these was achieved using boarder adhesive.  The base sky paper was applied first in one piece, a bit like wall papering.  Each of the buildings was carefully cut from the sheets and blue tacked into position so that the overall effect could be seen. Once we were happy with it they were glued in place with boarder adhesive.  A couple of areas we are yet to find suitable papers to complete the overall effect.

Scatter has been glued down using scatter grip, which proved to be very good. A necessity as the layout needed to be completed early to support a late request from the Furness Exhibition last Easter. This turned out to be the layouts first exhibition and a successful one considering the amount of work needed to get it suitable for exhibiting. 5 weeks prior to the exhibition three quarters of the layout was bare board.

Road surfaces are painted with textured paint with rub down road makings from Busch suitably modified and cut for English markings. 

Shed Access Road is constructed from 4mm plywood supported by pieces of wood underneath.  Each side of the road was packed with polystyrene, cut with a knife.  This was covered with polyfiller and painted with an earth brown acrylic wash.  Various types of Woodland Scenics lichen, bushes and grass have been used for the sides of the road together with fencing.

The area around the Goods Depot needed to be flat so that a fork lift truck can load freight onto the wagons.  This was achieved with layers of plasticard painted with concrete coloured textured paint with a black wash to weather it.

Eckon Signals are used for all the colour light signals. The platform signals were old and had wheat bulbs, which were replaced with colour LEDs. Buffer stops also have lights made from the Express models kit painted black to try and disguise the column.