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Layout lighting is provided by tungsten halogen lights as apposed to strip light to give a softer lighting effect in combination with the numerous White LEDs.  An advantage of the lights chosen is to give flexibility in the positioning of them. However it should be noted that they get very hot and should be handled carefully in this state as they damage easily.

From the very beginning we wanted to give the impression of real lighting. To do this we designed in LEDs at every opportunity.  This gave us the challenge of disguising the wires for the LEDs into the buildings and scenery.  For one of the lighting effects the wires are actually being use to depict drain pipes from the roof of a building.

We also wanted to give the impression of actually activity. This was achieved by using light in various cameo scenes, see later.

So that maintenance of the LEDs was made easy, we connected them in parallel.  This means if one fails the rest remain lit.  However the draw back is that you need a large ampere supply to power them.