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Track on all sections of the base boards is Peco code 75 finescale.  This was chosen as we wanted to get to the scenic stage as early as possible. 

Points are operated with SEEP point motors with integral switches.  In hindsight we should have used either the Tortoise or Fulgurex point motors as reliability of the integral switch has proven to be a problem.  This is overcome by using switch cleaner prior to an exhibition weekend.

Use of live frogs gave us the challenge of wiring the 3-way points and double slip.  Operation of the point motors is via a pencil powered by a 22v ac powered CDU to enable switching of two point motors at a time.

Ballasting for the majority was done using woodland scenic dark brown medium ballast. Black (ash) was mixed in for the sidings and engine shed to give the effect of oil
spillage. Glue used here was the usual mix of PVA, water and a drop of fairy liquid.