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MDF was used for the construction of the baseboards.  This was chosen after attempts using sundela, chip board and a combination of sundela and plywood.  All of these resulted in either sagging, hard to pin the track or heavy boards. Construction of each 4’ by 2’ board consists of 18mm thick end pieces, 12mm side and cross pieces, all 75mm tall.  Longitudinal support is in the form of 1” square wood strips recessed into the end and cross sections. Sealing of the MDF was achieved with a water based primer to reduce the dust when modelling. It is topped off with 9mm MDF to form the base for track laying.

There are two set of legs for the centre baseboard made from 2” by 1” with bracing. The other two main boards have single legs furthest away from the centre board.  All of these are recessed into the underside.   The 18inch extension piece is constructed from plywood and has two temporary legs that support it when fitted.  This end piece was added to enable us to operate 4 coach trains for exhibitions.

Pattern makers dowels to ensure alignment of the boards which aid setting up at exhibitions. The boards are designed to be inverted to allow for easy transport and plywood end pieces hold the boards apart when the layout is being transported.